Port „Marina de Cascais“

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Marina de Cascais
by 05/05/2016
Expensive so we anchored out for free. You can fuel and water for per litre rate. The immigration guys here were fantastic.
Marina de Cascais
by 21/07/2015
After coming into the marina after a hard nights sailing we went to the reception. it was an Anti-reception. The girls we miserable and not at all friendly. One of them had control over the other two in a bad way. We asked if we could use the Wifi code to look at the weather forecast, we could only have it if we booked in for the night. Anyway we booked in because we found out it was bad weather for the next day. I asked around at some of the other stores and facilities and they had the same perception as I had. They think the same as me. Only bad thoughts about this 'reception' I rate a Zero because of their bad attitude. Sailors want a kind reception after a hard days work. Never go here again unless I am in a storm, I would rather sail on. My crew had the same opinion as me. My boat. Voluptas.

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